Tuesday, 23 August 2011

What do you stand for?

As well as photographing local residents we also filmed and documented their stories. We asked everyone to answer one question."What do you stand for?", here's what they said (names may have been changed to protect identity)

Mumzee British
"Human rights, justice, fairness and love…no thuggery, no hatred…life over death! No impartiality, no sexism, ageism, no racism! Give the youths something to live for! Positivity! Forward ever, backwards never…Make life and love not war…Jah rastafari"

Abou S.
"Peckham is a beautiful place and together we can make it wonderful for our children and for the future"

Varsha C.
"Peace and sense of community through Peckham that can bring us all together. I’ve run a business in Peckham for the last 31 years. I love Peckham and this is where my home is and where my kids were born and brought up. We have seen lots of changes…new shops and faces-but we care for one another and look after each other"

Jenna G.
"I think it is important for humanity to be re-injected into contemporary society. There needs to be more communication one on one and less in personalised computery. There needs to be more education and equality. We need to learn again how to understand ourselves to understand each other. Love can be simple"

Damari W
"Playing more"

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