Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I got Sunshine

Just a snippet of Rye Lane, please visit to see more. We couldn't have wished for better weather. For all those people who have shown interest since the went project up, please visit where you are able to upload a self portrait and the kind people at IO will send you your photo for you to paste up. We'd love to see the currant work added to.

The Big Day

The big day came and went, the weather held off and it was a great day for all involved. We haven't hung up our paint brushes yet though as there are a couple more choice locations to be pasted with what are fast becoming some pretty iconic faces. Thanks to all involved on Monday, we really could not have done this without you!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Big Day

The weather for today is sunny! So get your shorts on and come and join us,if you would like to join in the afternoon meet us on Peckham Rye after lunch or to find out where we are email us at the address above. See you soon!

Late Night Prep

Last minute jobs...feel for us it's 2am! Eight and a half hours before showdown!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Banksey Re Incarnate

So, we decided we need group t-shirts and tonight I've been practicing with some car body filler and a scalpel, before any of you ask, no, I'm not a professional. This is a work in progress, the design will get better from now on!

Mid Night Snack

We'd like to thank the brilliant Alero for giving us a copy of her song 'Love Light', beautiful! Eventually to be used on bigger and better videos but for now, here's a little snippet

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Frantic Antics

So nearing the big day, two of us decided to get our practical head on and practice the art of pasting.
Some tips:
- It's still paper, so too much paste will cause it to rip
- Don't make up a whole bucket of paste for two posters
- We need more than two people to turn up on Monday to make this happen

Par Avion

Thank-you to the lovely Alistair Siddons for dropping by on the way to Tel Aviv and delivering our posters. Alistair is looking into making a documentary with the footage from the project so if you were out and about when we were filming watch this space as you could be on the big screen.

Funky Anthem

So I wanted to do some digging on one of our poster faces. Check out the earlier video of us shooting in the hat shop where we met the genuine MC Versatile, had to look for some of his music. Check itttt.

The Making Of.

Behind the scenes fun with Camberwell surrealist artist  'Prince'.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tempting Morsel

So here's the first poster we unrolled today, and it just so happened to be the wonderful Alero! Sorry we can't show you in higher definition, so your'll just have to come along on Monday to see the magic unfold.

Tool of the Trade

So we're getting down tot he nitty gritty details of the project and with only a few days left to paste up we've got to consider the best tools for the job. On a more serious if you know any body or business who'd be interested in sponsoring or giving us equipment please let us know on our email address, it will be gratefully received.
Today's tool for comparison is the ladder. Which of these three beauties is best suited to Peckham Street Art

The Stump
+A small handy sized ladder that can be dragged easily up and down Rye Lane
- Won't reach those hard to paste places,such as the top of the building.

The Stick Insect
+Reaches an altitude of over 5m with easy installation providing access to all sorts of pasting spots.
- Made for those who don't suffer from vertigo, not very discreet when Street Arting.

The Tank
+Ultimate stability and railings to prevent vertigo, also reaches a fair height. The wheels make it easy to transport
-Sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to spontaneous street art, the height it reaches isn't enough to paste anything too exciting

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Calling all Landlords

If you see a property here you own, or no someone who does, please get in contact as we need your wall for our faces.

What do you stand for?

As well as photographing local residents we also filmed and documented their stories. We asked everyone to answer one question."What do you stand for?", here's what they said (names may have been changed to protect identity)

Mumzee British
"Human rights, justice, fairness and love…no thuggery, no hatred…life over death! No impartiality, no sexism, ageism, no racism! Give the youths something to live for! Positivity! Forward ever, backwards never…Make life and love not war…Jah rastafari"

Abou S.
"Peckham is a beautiful place and together we can make it wonderful for our children and for the future"

Varsha C.
"Peace and sense of community through Peckham that can bring us all together. I’ve run a business in Peckham for the last 31 years. I love Peckham and this is where my home is and where my kids were born and brought up. We have seen lots of changes…new shops and faces-but we care for one another and look after each other"

Jenna G.
"I think it is important for humanity to be re-injected into contemporary society. There needs to be more communication one on one and less in personalised computery. There needs to be more education and equality. We need to learn again how to understand ourselves to understand each other. Love can be simple"

Damari W
"Playing more"

Think Big

Find out more about the man behind this extraordinary project JR and how his vision has been translated globally. Let's put Peckham on the map for it's street art!

I'm no Quentin Tarentino...

but I try. So to give you a taster of what we've been up to, I give you The Inside Out: Peckham Trailer

A Storms Brewing

So the date's been set and the faces have been printed. On Monday 29 th August at 10.30am the first Inside Out London community paste up will being on Rye Lane, Peckham. 70 faces have been printed -  that's over 100 square meters of community photographs to be displayed all over Rye Lane. When community meets street art. We will meet at Peckham Space outside the library under the awning to being our mammoth task. You are invited to join us, we need your energy and spirit to make this paste up a big success. Bring paintbrushes, music, and you friends and we'll provide you will tea and hours of street art fun.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Saturday, 20 August 2011

A Little more on Inside Out

Need some light relief from the weekend? Check out this clip from Inside Out

Friday, 19 August 2011

Paste a Face

Something to wet your taste buds before next weekend, and to coax you into joining our community paste up.

A Reminder

So far it has been so refreshing to engage with all the  new people we've met in the community, but it's important to remember those who have had to leave as a result of the recent troubles. No one was seriously injured from fire on Rye Lane, but this demolition is a reminder that there were families and businesses that are left with nothing. These images are hopefully an important reminder we must move on but with a stronger community bond than ever.

Hanging Out

Mr Bellows' Niece (with the best hair ever)


We wanted to mention a really special shop that was hit particularly hit by the recent riots. Gisella at the end of Rye Lane specializes in hand made one off garments that have been seen everywhere from Downing Street to the London Fashion Week. Run by mother and daughter for twenty years, Gisella was badly hit and a majority of it's one off stock damaged or stolen. With great courage and strength both mother and daughter are carrying on their work behind the boarded up windows, fixing the ripped dresses and making sure any bride waiting for her dress will still get it on time. Amazingly, regulars to the shop had seen the thefts take place and ran in to save what they could in sacks then days later returned with the intact stock-an amazing feet of generosity and selflessness. Please visit their website as they are hoping to create a Pop-Up in the near future and will welcome your custom.

Janet (The Daughter)

Pick of the Day

An absolute joy to meet and shoot was Damari, we could print all his pictures, and after finishing he picked up his mums shopping bags and walked them to the bus stop-what a trooper.

Sean Patel

‘If you can visualise it will materialise’

‘Thinkers’ spend years coming up with this stuff, but to a man who’s truly made it happen, it was a slip of the tongue.

Sean Patel, owner and general friend of the neighbourhood is someone who really did see something and made it happen.

Born in Zambia to Indian parents, he moved to Peckham in 1989 after deciding a move to Canada wasn’t right for him or his future. ‘Peckham was really rough in those days’ he laughs, and I realise this is a stigma Peckham still has, holding it back from it’s real potential to shine as a  great community.
Following the move to Peckham in the eighties, Sean and his brother excelled in making a living in the painting and decorating trade, something neither of them had any experience in, but with patience and an eye for perfection they managed to save £26,000 in the their first year of trade keeping overheads to a minimum sharing one small  room.

They didn’t stop there, for some people the promise of that kind of money would have been enough  but Sean and brother could see further than that, and so with a huge cut to his pay check, Sean  worked for 8 months on £2 an hour in the local newsagent.  It was learning the ins and outs that was more valuable than the money ever could be, Sean went onto borrow money from the bank to buy his first shop, the very shop he’d made £2 an hour in.
Fast forwarding 18 years, Sean now has a small Peckham based business empire including Money Gram and Café World. His friendly and open minded approach to business has attracted a longstanding group of regulars as well as people like me, who will venture up to the café for Peckhams finest Cappuccino (he also installed an internet café due to popular demand from the locals). With an inclusive approach to business Sean will be hosting the first SE Village community hub on the 2nd September.
This short story really doesn’t do Seans’ story justice, it cuts out all the intricacies of his hard working ethos, and family who have also worked incredibly long to realise the dream, but if are in need of a cappuccino perhaps you could venture up and listen to the modest Mr Patel tell you his story. 

Download and Distribute

The finished flyer, once again thank-you to Aki for our billiant new poster. Please download and distribute  wherever  you think it will have the most impact. Happy Fly Pasting!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Talent

We are very fortunate to have access to some real local talent, Aki Naimi-Akbar has very kindly volunteered his time to create this stunning poster to help our cause. The final version will be up shortly but for now we have little nugget to share with you.

Where there's a Will there's a Way.

A range of flyers have been produced, feel free to download and distribute to anyone you might feel is interested in helping us and the project.


Thursday was a favorite, not only did we meet the man who bought the cappuccino to Peckham (Sean) and met a surrealist artist from Camberwell (Prince) but we really got down to the nitty gritty of what makes people in Peckham tick, people here are refreshingly honest in airing their views but are so incredibly friendly it makes it an easy space to discuss the finer details of Peckham life from the best place to  buy the local brew to the new direction of youth work.  Just FYI to all visitors to the peace wall, it comes down this weekend, so get your thoughts up there now. Eventually the Peace Wall is to be archived, and there are even discussions to transform it into a community structure.

Peckham Settlement

I visited Peckham Settlement for the first time today, a seriously amazing space with equally amazing people behind the scenes. We'd like to thank them for all their help so far, and if you can give them an hour of your time it will go a long way. Drop in to find out what they are up to and all the events they are putting on.  Here are two gorgeous ladies who were helping us out this morning.