Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Tool of the Trade

So we're getting down tot he nitty gritty details of the project and with only a few days left to paste up we've got to consider the best tools for the job. On a more serious if you know any body or business who'd be interested in sponsoring or giving us equipment please let us know on our email address, it will be gratefully received.
Today's tool for comparison is the ladder. Which of these three beauties is best suited to Peckham Street Art

The Stump
+A small handy sized ladder that can be dragged easily up and down Rye Lane
- Won't reach those hard to paste places,such as the top of the building.

The Stick Insect
+Reaches an altitude of over 5m with easy installation providing access to all sorts of pasting spots.
- Made for those who don't suffer from vertigo, not very discreet when Street Arting.

The Tank
+Ultimate stability and railings to prevent vertigo, also reaches a fair height. The wheels make it easy to transport
-Sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to spontaneous street art, the height it reaches isn't enough to paste anything too exciting

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