Friday, 19 August 2011


We wanted to mention a really special shop that was hit particularly hit by the recent riots. Gisella at the end of Rye Lane specializes in hand made one off garments that have been seen everywhere from Downing Street to the London Fashion Week. Run by mother and daughter for twenty years, Gisella was badly hit and a majority of it's one off stock damaged or stolen. With great courage and strength both mother and daughter are carrying on their work behind the boarded up windows, fixing the ripped dresses and making sure any bride waiting for her dress will still get it on time. Amazingly, regulars to the shop had seen the thefts take place and ran in to save what they could in sacks then days later returned with the intact stock-an amazing feet of generosity and selflessness. Please visit their website as they are hoping to create a Pop-Up in the near future and will welcome your custom.

Janet (The Daughter)

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